Create resident participation in an approachable way. With the Fixi app, your residents can directly provide their reports on public spaces online — anywhere, anytime.

Do you want the residents of your municipality to actively contribute to the improvement of the neighborhood? With the Fixi app, this is very simple: they can easily make reports about public spaces, from any location to any municipality.

For example, if loose tiles in a pavement make it difficult to walk, they can easily report this to the municipality by simply taking a photo with their smart phone and sending it. Furthermore, they can always check the status of their report via the app. Fixi creates a connection between the resident, neighborhood and municipality!

Residents are easily involved!

With Fixi, your residents can make notifications from their smart phones about disruptions to the public space. The notification is received by the municipality, the process is started and the executive institution can get right to work. The app keeps the person who made the report up-to-date on the progress and the actions being taken. Furthermore, the report is automatically saved in JOIN Case & Document.

"Fixi really makes it easier for residents to actively take part in the improvement of their neighborhood."

Leo Filius, Goeree-Overflakkee municipality


As soon as your residents see something that they want to report, they can just take a photo with their smart phone and send it directly. The app keeps them up-to-date on the progress.

Simple communication

Since it is easy for your residents to send reports and it is easier for you to keep them updated, Fixi improves communication from both ends.

Better information

The institution that corrects the reported incident for you will also be directly informed via Fixi. As soon as the job is complete, they report this to you and the residents — once again via the app.

Integration with your case system

You can integrate Fixi with JOIN Case & Document, so that you can handle matters much more efficiently. As soon as a report in Fixi is created, a case will automatically be created in your case system. Since the app makes use of location information, your employees can easily see if a report is already being addressed. In this way, Fixi prevents that your organisation has to process a single report multiple times. In addition, it ensures that the information regarding the procedure of the case is clearly communicated towards the citizen. Since Fixi always displays the current stage of the process, the chain of events becomes more transparent for all the parties involved.

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