With JOIN E-forms, your residents can submit their requests more easily. Cases are automatically initiated in JOIN Case & Document.

The JOIN E-forms help you offer your services more quickly, more efficiently, and at a better price. Your residents can submit a digital application. Furthermore, integration with DigiD and eRecognition ensures that applications are received correctly. Your residents only have to review the pre-filled information for correction, so that the application can be sent simply and quickly.

"As a municipality, we would like to keep up with the times, so that our citizens can securely submit their applications at a time and place that suits their needs."

Marco Verweij, Noordwijk municipality


You will not have to perform an annual assessments for DigiD


Connections to DigiD, eRecognition, and payment are possible


Save up to 15 minutes per application

More efficient case handling

Via the forms on your website, residents can submit a request from anywhere, at any time from their tablet or smartphone. If you want to add a location to an E-form, this can be done easily by using the integrated mapping materials. JOIN E-Forms is linked to JOIN Case & Document, allows the intake to run more smoothly. As soon as the e-form is filled out, the case starts automatically, including the workflow. This saves at least 15 minutes per application and the processing can begin immediately.

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