Client Contact

Easily answer all your client’s questions directly from one smart system. With JOIN Client Contact, your customer service team can search for information from any source within your organization. Intelligent and efficient.

Evert Meeuwissen

"As a labor organization that works for three municipalities, we can search through all our databases with JOIN Client Contact, even in three Municipal Personal Records Databases at the same time. That is how you work efficiently!"

Evert Meeuwissen
Labor Organization of Cuijk, Grave and Mil Municipalities

Gery Chaigneau

“Thanks to the linkage between JOIN Client Contact and the callcenter, transferring calls can be done in a quick manner.”

Gery Chaigneau
Stichtse Vecht Municipality

Alinda Baggen

“With JOIN Client Contact, we have a modern instrument at hand to significantly innovate how we provide our services."

Alinda Baggen
Nuth Municipality


JOIN Client Contact can be linked with more than 100 other software packages, so that you can easily answer all your client’s questions right away. We also work with the Standard Exchange Format (StUF) by KING. Take a look below to see if your coupling is already available.

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