Case System & DMS

Collaborate at your best while managing all your information safely. JOIN helps more than 100 municipalities to work in a more case-oriented way. Additionally, roughly 360 organizations use the DMS of JOIN to work together in a more efficient and digital way.

David Bronsveld

"It is just like Legos. The building blocks JOIN provides you with enable you to really manage all kinds of information!"

David Bronsveld
Productowner JOIN Case & Document

Suzanne Klaus

"JOIN is unbelievably user-friendly. Working like this is beyond great!"

Suzanne Klaus
Leiden municipality

Robin Mol

"Thanks to the OLO coupling, permits can be digitally submitted and processed. In no longer has to be done manually in the case system. That makes a big difference in our workload!"

Robin Mol
Maassluis municipality


Case Types

Managing your case types and adjusting your case system becomes much easier when using JOIN Case Types. With this application, we take a large portion of the management of the case system off your shoulders.

Agenda Management

With our JOIN Agenda Management solution, you can easily create a schedule for all your conferences. With just a single click on a button, this is distributed to your conference system or the JOIN Vergader app.


By using JOIN Agenda Management, you can use the Vergader app to open accompanying conference documents in your schedule on your iPad, look them over, and create and store notes on them.


With our solution for Administrative Decision-Making, the entire decision-making process can occur digitally: from the receipt of a proposal to the publication of a decision.

Digital Signature

Our digital signature solution allows you to sign documents that require signatures, digitally. All forms of digital signature meet all the necessary security requirements.

  • Management reports

  • Archiving / Transmission

  • Customer management

  • Output management

  • Workflow / Proces management

  • Contract management

  • Office / Exchange integration


JOIN Case & Document can be linked with many other software packages, so that you can easily answer all your client’s questions right away. We also work with the Standard Exchange Format (StUF) by KING. Take a look below to see if your coupling is already available.

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