JOIN Decision-Making

Optimalize the decision-making proces within your organisation with JOIN Decision-Making

Before you can manage an organization properly, a process of decision-making is needed. This decision-making process is of utmost importance, since the outcomes of this process set the course for the organization and will affect the way in which other processes are shaped. It is important that the decision-making process happens in an efficient, reliable and proper way. In addition, the transparency and integrity of the decision-making process are important factors to justify the policy of the organization.

Decos has years of experience in supporting this process in a digital manner. With solutions in the field of case- and document management, workflow and template applications at hand, you are capable of designing this process yourself. However, we are convinced that this can be done in a better, faster, less time consuming way. That is why we introduce JOIN Decision-Making.

This application is fully integrated with JOIN Agenda Management. However, it is also possible to create your agenda in a different way. This also applies for the actual meeting.

In summary, JOIN Decision-Making offers you a solution which is fully integrated within your case and document system. It allows you to shape your decision-making process in an efficient way, without complex workflow and template configurations. We would be pleased to help you to realize your ambitions regarding digital decision-making processes!

In order to make use of JOIN Decision Making, it is necessary to have a valid license for JOIN Decision-Making as well as JOIN Casetypes. The application is available from version 6.0.10 onwards.

More information

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